Gonzo’s Quest

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Gonzo’s Quest is such a legendary casino game that absolutely every single person that has ever visited an online casino is aware of this game. This NetEnt slot has like a life of its own: it’s an all-time favorite that keeps hitting all the right points. Actually, many players have even said that they started their whole online gambling experience with Gonzo. In addition, Gonzo’s Quest was the first game that got revamped as a VR-slot game by NetEnt.

So what’s the catch? Gonzo’s Quest has 20 paylines which doesn’t sound particularly interesting. The key lies in the game’s mechanics. While regular slot games use reels, Gonzo’s Quest uses an innovative avalanche system. Whenever you hit a winning combo, the symbols disappear and new symbols “fall” in place of the old ones, creating a snowball effect. Gonzo’s Quest even rewards you every time you hit one of those chain reactions: the multiplier grows higher with every consequent win.

Surprisingly, Gonzo’s Quest doesn’t have a high RTP, though you’d expect something different when you know how phenomenally popular this game is. It’s RTP is around 96% which makes it quite average. But the snowball effect truly is something different and that’s largely Gonzo’s main appeal.

The avalanche-system is the main bonus feature but Gonzo does offer another extra bonus called Free Falls. This is essentially a free spins feature which has even higher multipliers than in the base game. When you hit at least 4 Avalanches, you’ll get to enjoy a 15x multiplier.

Gonzo’s Quest look and feel

Gonzo’s Quest stuns players with vivid graphics that look so realistic and fun you almost feel as if you’re part of the adventure. The whole theme revolves around a Spanish explorer Gonzo who’s hunting for aztec gold. During the whole game session, Gonzo himself stands next to the reels and cheers you on anxiously. This tiny detail makes all the difference, giving the slot game a much more interactive feel.

Gonzo’s Quest is a real must-play for every game enthusiast – no matter your taste, you’ll enjoy this slot!