Arabian Nights

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Arabian Nights slot game

Mythology has always been a seductive topic in online casinos. NetEnt, one of the most well-known slot game developers, however, is one of the frontrunners of using mythology and exotic topics as inspiration for their slot games. Arabian Nights is one of the greatest examples of how a simple video slot can stun players for years to come, even if they could play tens and tens of more intricate games.

Arabian Nights is a progressive video slot that was released already back in the 2005, making it one of the oldest video slots in NetEnt’s portfolio. The game hasn’t even been revamped: it’s still the same as all those years ago and it’s still one of the most played video slots in most online casinos.

Arabian Nights is a classic 3x5 slot with 10 paylines and an average RTP around 95.2-95.6%. The main appeal lies in the game being a progressive slot: if you happen to find 5 Prince-symbols, you’ll land the progressive jackpot. There’s a catch though: you’ll only land the jackpot if you bet with the maximum bet amount, otherwise you’ll simply get a coin win.

The game also features the Prince-symbol as Wild, creating 2x multiplier wins. Last but not least, you can also trigger free spins whenever you land 3 Scatters. Arabian Nights is really nothing special when you think about it. The Wild symbols and Scatters are completely regular, no special thrills. But the appeal still lies in the opportunity to land those 5 Princes and go home with millions of euros. Progressive jackpots are never boring!

Graphics, sound and overall feel

Arabian Nights looks quite oldschool and for a good reason: it really IS an old slot. It’s very basic – there are no fancy animations nor anything like that. At the same time, that’s partially its appeal too. Sometimes, the best games are the most simplistic.

The same minimalism carries over to the game’s audio solution too. There are simply some delicate sound effects that try to mimic the night: a few owls here and there together with some other mild sound effects.

Arabian Nights is the kind of slot you either like or dislike. However, if you’re looking for a simple progressive slot without too complex features, this is the game for you.